Film Selection: Puso ng Lungsod by Ilang-ilang Quijano

Documentary | 49 minutes


Puso ng Lungsod (Heart of the City) is about the life-and-death struggle of Manila urban poor settlers whose homes are about to be demolished. Last September 23, 2010, the North Triangle community put up a barricade that forced the police and demolition crew to retreat. This documentary introduces us to the women and workers behind the spontaneous resistance, and how these settlers, sometimes derogatorily called “squatters,” live with their dignity intact and learn to organize in the heart of a city that reserves no place for them.



Ilang-Ilang Quijano is a journalist, working as an editor for the online and print publication Pinoy Weekly. She is the executive director of PinoyMedia Center, a non-profit media organization that serves the information and communication needs of marginalized communities. A graduate of the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism Master of Arts Program and a fellow of the 2011 Goethe Institute Documentary Filmmaking Workshop, Puso ng Lungsod is her third full-length documentary. Her first two documentaries,Wala Nang Balikbayan and Kababayang Kalakal, are about the plight of Overseas Filipino Workers. She regularly produces short documentaries and video reportage for Pinoy Weekly.


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