Film Selection: Memories of a Forgotten War by Sari Lluch Dalena

Documentary | 62 minutes


In the decade following the Spanish-American War, more Filipinos were killed by US troops than by the Spanish during the 300 years of colonial rule. More than 1 million Filipinos died between 1899 and 1913. This experimental documentary about the Philippine American War of 1899 combines archival photographs and turn of the century film, digital video and 16mm footage to create memories of a forgotten history. A contemporary Filipina-American narrator weaves this complex history through historiography, experimental documentary and intercultural cinema. Shot on location in the Philippines and edited in the US, the film was produced by an international team of Filipino and American media artists.


Sari Lluch Dalena is a Filipina independent filmmaker from Manila. She has screened her works internationally in Asia and the U.S. She was honored as one of the Cultural Center of the Philippine’s 13 Artists Awards in 2000 and received Grand Jury Prize for Best Experimental Film in 2001. She received the Grand Prize Starr Foundation Award from the World Studio Foundation and the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship for 2002-2003. She was recently awarded Best Director in the Cinema One Originals for the film Ka Oryang in 2011.

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