A Recognition of Exemplary Works

In recognition of exemplary films during the annual Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival, Tudla Productions gives three major awards: the Audience Choice Award, Jury’s Choice Award and Breakthrough Film Award.

The Audience Choice Award is given to the film which garnered the highest number of votes from the audience of the festival from the launching up to the film screenings from different schools, workplaces and communities. The award will be given during the next year of the festival.  On the other hand, the Jury’s Choice Award is the film selected by the jury during the final selection of films. The jury is composed of film critics and representatives from different sectors and a representative from Tudla Productions. The Breakthrough Film Award is given to the most exceptional film in the selection which effectively uses the form to present a topic in a most enlightening way.

The trophy for the awards is the festival’s logo, made of cold casted iron on cold casted marble base.

Sculptural work by Manolo Sicat

Past Awards:


  • Viewer’s Choice Award: Uling by University of the Assumption Pampanga 
  • Jury’s Choice Award:Bihag by Sierra Alparce
  • Breakthrough Film Award: De-lata by Mae Caralde


  • Viewer’s Choice Award: to be given during the 3rd Pandayang Lino Brocka
  • Jury’s Choice Award: Kinulayang Kiti by Richard Legaspi
  • Breakthrough Film Award: Ang Sandaling Sadya nina Lire at Isa by John Francis Losario
  • Rotary’s Choice: Handum by Manny Magbanua


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