Film Selection: Salute by JL Burgos


5 minutes | Poetry in Motion

Salute pays tribute to all women who remain steadfast in their fight for human rights. It combines the powerful poem of Ms. Joi Barrios entitled “Litanya ng mga Naghahanap (Litany Of My Search)” and the haunting song of the political film Sister Stella L. entitled “Sangandaan” (Lacaba/Achacoso). The touching performance poetry was held during the International Day of the Disappeared in 2010 with no less than Ms. Barrios reading her piece. The poem was written for the parents of Jonas Burgos, Karen Empeno and Sherilyn Cadapan, and the families of Luisa and Nilo of Panay, but, it talks about a mother’s, a wife’s, a sister’s search for the desaparecidos not knowing where to begin, when it will end or where it will lead them. A series of vignettes follow immediately after the reading to a very fitting soundtrack, Sangandaan. It depicts the struggles of the families of the disappeared and the life they decided to live. The video highlights the women who cried, the women who grieved and, despite everything, all of them chose to fight.


JL Burgos, visual artist and film maker, is a staunch advocate of human rights. He is also the brother of Jonas Burgos.


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