Film Selection: Sounds of a New Hope by Eric Tandoc


Documentary | 40 minutes

Tackles the life and music of Filipino-American MC, Kiwi, as he moves from the streets of Los Angeles to the Excelsior District of San Francisco. His devotion to hiphop and commitment to social change which took him to the urban barrios of Caloocan City and Metro Manila. Through hip-hop, he bridges gaps in language and culture and connects the struggles of Filipinos across the world. It also documents the growing use of hip-hop as an organizing tool in the ongoing people’s struggle for national liberation and genuine democracy in the Philippines.


Eric Tandoc is a community organizer, filmmaker, DJ, and chairperson of the progressive Filipino youth organization, Anakbayan Los Angeles. He began making short narrative films in high school and was drawn to social justice documentary filmmaking as an undergrad through the Center for EthnoCommunications at UCLA. In 2004, he went on an exposure trip to the Philippines hosted by the progressive media arts organization, Southern Tagalog Exposure. He integrated with oppressed and exploited communities that are organizing for systemic change and conducted video production trainings with human rights workers. In 2008, he graduated from the Social Documentation M.A. program at UC Santa Cruz where he produced Sounds of a New Hope, a documentary film about the life and music of Filipino American emcee Kiwi and the growing use of hip-hop as method for youth organizing in the people’s movement for genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines. He is currently touring the film around the US as a multi-media stage production, utilizing video DJing technology to manually re-edit the film live while incorporating musical performances in-between scenes.


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