Film Selection: Ka Bel by Mayday Multimedia


Documentary | 51 minutes

A remarkable story of how an ordinary son of the peasant class became a Filipino working-class hero and internationalist. His granddaughter, Jane, among the Morong 43 political prisoners, narrates his story, weaving recollections by his wife and co-workers. The documentary attempts to make visible the Filipino worker, his and her family, the urban poor and especially the women who, in seeking change, have contributed immensely to and have been enriched by his life and struggle.


Mayday Multimedia is an independent multimedia collective composed of cultural artists and workers committed to the struggle for labor rights. It works with people’s organizations and trade unions to produce audio-visual works that give an accurate and compelling picture of the condition and struggles of Filipino workers.

Founded as the video production unit of Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research (EILER, Inc.) in 2004, Mayday has spun-off into a separate entity since 2008. Since then, it has expanded its work to graphics and sound design to more effectively cater to the needs of various people’s organizations and labor federations.


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