Film Selection: 43 by ST eXposure


Documentary | 14 minutes

In February 6, 2010, 43 health workers conducting a medical training in Morong, Rizal were arrested and accused of being members of the communist New People’s Army. They suffered physical and psychological torture while in military custody.

“43″ is a short documentary on the plight of the arrested health workers. It uses shadowplay to dramatize their experience in the hands of their captors.


Southern Tagalog Exposure is an independent multimedia collective of young artists and workers based in the Philippines’ Southern Tagalog Region. Alongside traditionally used protest visual art forms such as street theater, mural paintings, sculptural effigies, ST Exposure appropriates multimedia as medium to advance social change by arousing the larger society on pressing issues concerning the marginalized and underserved sectors in the region particularly the peasants, fisher folks, worker, urban poor, national minorities, gays and lesbians, women and children.


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